Adult Sweet Trumpet Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Rubra)

Adult Sweet Trumpet Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Rubra)


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Ease of Cultivation: Effortless.
Dormancy: Recommended.
Native Habitat: Wet Pocosins of coastal Southeastern North America.
Recommended Hardiness Zones: 6-9 (5-9).

The Sweet Trumpet, scientifically known as Sarracenia rubra, stands at a medium height and exhibits traps reminiscent of either S. alata or a slimmer, shorter S. flava, often showcasing a captivating copper hue. Notably, it features a fine network of red reticulated veins, characterized by vertical veins intricately connected by smaller ones, setting it apart from S. alata with its distinctive pin stripe veins. The upper section of the tubes contains subtle areoles (windows), while the hood, which is twice as long as it is wide, grows in proximity to the tube opening. Spring traps tend to develop with a gentle curve, but the most remarkable traps appear in late Summer and Fall.

S. rubra is known for its prolific growth, rapidly spreading and forming dense clusters of tubes. It thrives in open, highly humid conditions but is adaptable to a range of bog environments, even tolerating drier conditions. The plant’s defining feature is its small, red, sweetly fragrant flowers, producing more blooms than any other Sarracenia variety. These charming flowers typically grace the plant from April to May, before the pitchers fully develop. The flower stalks and sepals persist throughout the year, resembling reddish green daffodils. Overall, S. rubra is a superb addition to any bog garden.

Please note that when ordering, plants are shipped bare-root and thoughtfully wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. During its dormant period, it will be shipped as a dormant rhizome with trimmed-off pitchers. The provided photographs represent the general characteristics of the species and not the specific plant you will receive. Veining and coloration may exhibit variation as these plants originate from a diverse seed strain.

Key Specifications:

  • Height: 8″ – 12″
  • Plant Type: Perennial, temperate
  • Soil: Suitable for Upper Bog Mix or General CP Mix
  • Light: Flourishes indoors with bright to partially bright light, and thrives in full sun to partial sun when outdoors
  • Recommended Uses: Well-suited for bog gardens, greenhouses, and indoor cultivation.
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