Adult Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Flava)

Adult Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Flava)


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Sarracenia flava, also known as the Yellow Pitcher Plant, is a statuesque southern pitcher plant featuring striking green trumpets often adorned with conspicuous red veins. This captivating plant boasts highly productive nectar glands along its hood margins and throat, which act as powerful lures for various flying insects, particularly wasps.

Habitat and Growth: S. flava thrives in waterlogged bog soil, where it flourishes. During the spring season, it showcases its most impressive traps, which are notably larger and more robust. However, as summer approaches, these traps gradually fade, giving rise to phyllodia, flat leaves that persist throughout the winter months.

Floral Grandeur: The Yellow Pitcher Plant is further distinguished by its remarkably large and showy yellow flowers, exuding a delightful fragrance. These blooms stand as some of the most extensive and visually striking within the Sarracenia genus. Typically, they grace the plant with their presence from March to May, preceding the full development of the pitchers.

Versatile Cultivation: Sarracenia flava is an ideal choice for bog gardens and can even thrive in northern regions when provided with suitable protection.

Historical Significance: Notably, Sarracenia flava holds historical importance as one of the first pitcher plants to be documented by European naturalists during the 1600s, contributing to the early exploration of these fascinating botanical species.

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    Adult Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Flava) photo review
    Joan E., Jacksonville, NC (Verified Customer), October 2, 2023
    December 31, 2023
    Beautiful Sarracenia Flava
    This plant is beautiful. It arrived quickly, and packed so carefully. I’m so happy with my purchase!

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