Adult Plant: Giant Venus Flytrap “Big Mouth” Dionaea Muscipula Cultivar

Adult Plant: Giant Venus Flytrap “Big Mouth” Dionaea Muscipula Cultivar


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Ease of Cultivation: Easy to Moderate
Dormancy Requirement: Essential
Native Habitat: Cape Fear River Basin in North and South Carolina
Hardiness Zones: 6 to 9 (USDA) or 5-10 (USDA equivalent)

Venus Flytrap Big Mouth lives up to its name. This diminutive plant features sizeable, wide-open traps on short stalks and maintains a compact form, typically without long, upright stalks. It showcases attractive winter traps and is a remarkable and eye-catching specimen. Tony Camilleri is credited with introducing this unofficial cultivar.

Our plants are shipped bare-root, carefully wrapped in moist sphagnum moss. During its dormant period, it will be sent as a dormant corm. Please note that the provided photographs depict the cultivar’s characteristics and may not precisely represent the specific plant you receive.

Plant Height: 1″ to 5″ Plant Type: Perennial, suited for warm temperate regions Blooming Period: June to July Bloom Color: White Recommended Soil: Upper Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix Light Requirements: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors Watering Needs: Maintain consistently moist soil Ideal Uses: Flourishes in bog gardens, greenhouses, and indoor environments. Perfect for inclusion in terrariums.

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